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Affiliate Director’s Message


Welcome! Thank you for your interest in AZ Future Problem Solving!


We are proud to be the Arizona affiliate for Future Problem Solving Program International for 30 years!

We are dedicated to upholding its principles, as determined by FPSPI’s founder, Dr. E. Paul Torrance.


  • To develop and use creative thinking skills

  • To learn about complex issues which will shape the future

  • To develop an active interest in the future

  • To develop and use written and verbal communication skills

  • To learn and utilize problem solving strategies

  • To develop and use teamwork strategies

  • To develop and use research skills

  • To develop and use critical and analytical skills


We hope that our site has given you an exciting peek into the engaging world of thinking about problem solving.

If we have intrigued you enough to cause questioning and curiosity,  please contact us!

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