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Why Future Problem Solving?

FPS is an international educational program that emphasizes critical, analytical and creative thinking skills for students of all ages. One of the primary goals of FPS is to assist young people in developing the skills necessary to identify challenges and develop positive solutions for those problems. Students apply these skills to some of the most important issues that face the world today and will continue to in the future. FPS materials are designed to teach students how to think, not what to think.


Specifically students develop skills to:

1. improve both oral and written communication skills
2. develop research skills
3. think critically, creatively and futuristically about issues
4. solve problems using a six step process
5. work cooperatively with their peers
6. learn about complex issues confronting our globally oriented society



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In order to achieve its goals, students have the opportunity to participate in the FPS process in a number of ways. While emphasizing different aspects of the process each of the following components has the objectives of FPS at their core. These components include:

• Global Issues Problem Solving – as teams or individuals – students consider situations set at least twenty years in the future and then employ the six-step process to brainstorm challenges, solutions, criteria and develop an action plan

• Scenario Writing – individual – focusing on one of the competition topics, students develop short stories evaluated for creative and futuristic thinking

2010 - present

2010 - present

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